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Portrait: Trying to protect his pregnant wife, scientist Ashwin Rathore gets killed – unexpectedly and unwantedly. A deadly force lurks in the murk that wants her too, but why? Is it because she works for and with the military and Intelligence teams in the country, or is it because she knows something that no one else does?

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The Rise Of Sivagami

A blockbuster by Anand! I picked this novel for 2 reasons 1st it is related to Baahubali and second it is penned by my fav author Anand. So when you combine these 2 points it is a happy treat for me. 'The Rise of Sivagami' tells about what happened before the Baahubali in Mahishmati kingdom.… Continue reading The Rise Of Sivagami

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Racy and engaging! This is the third installment in the number series novels by Upendra Namburi and we know how obsessed he's with the numbers. Plot: Aratrika Reddy, CEO of Arya Holdings Ltd, has only eight hours to save her company from bankruptcy and a hostile takeover. In this book, Author talks about the hurdles… Continue reading 8 HOURS

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Feels like a Hollywood movie! Private tells the story of Jack Morgan who was a former Marine now runs an exclusive detective agency called Private. Private investigates cases which were difficult for the police to solve and it has build up a quite of reputation through its work. The novel travels through mainly 3 cases… Continue reading Private