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Feels like a Hollywood movie!

Private tells the story of Jack Morgan who was a former Marine now runs an exclusive detective agency called Private. Private investigates cases which were difficult for the police to solve and it has build up a quite of reputation through its work.

  • The novel travels through mainly 3 cases among which one case is personal (his former lover was shot dead), second one is an NFL scandal which is multimillion in nature and lastly thrilling case i.e., killing of 18 high school girls. (Along with his some past memories haunting).
  • All 3 cases run parallel with eachother and thrill continues till the last page.
  • Private has very advanced technology like those which are seen in Hollywood movies (Forensic lab, high-tech, arms etc).
  • Main highlight of the book is it is narrated in a easy and water-flow like manner and doesn’t let the reader to bored off.
  • Simple english is used for narration though some of the technical terms (necessary for the story) are used here and there (not a big matter!).

I assure that the readers who love detective/thriller stories doesn’t get disappointed after reading the book.

The book is completely looks like exclusive Hollywood type detective movie.

My fav line:

“Jack knew everybody’s secrets”

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